My connection with Lac Seul began as a young boy traveling up and down the lake to my family trapline at Mckenzie Bay. Travel in those days was with a fifteen horsepower engine and a fourteen foot boat. The navigation lights were powered by dry cell batteries that would be dead when fall trapping and hunting season came. Because the wind usually diminished after dark travel was often done at night with the odd flare up of my father’s cigarette in a boat up ahead to guide me. There were no electronic gadgets to help just a magnetic compass and a tattered map if you were lucky. After many years on the water of Lac Seul I have come to know, love and still respect the lake. Come join me for a day of fishing and learn about Lac Seul’s history, culture and great fishing. Guiding trips include shore lunch, boat handling and fish cleaning. Guests provide their own beverages.

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